Men no Kura(麺の蔵)



Tonkotsu Shoyu/$11.50

Tasted by our writer

I tried Tonkotsu Shoyu and Tsukemen Original. Tonkotsu Shoyu has very rich taste soup and the thick frizz noodle can hold it very well. The chashu is savoury and goes well with soup too. As far Tsukemen Original, I noticed it’s very similar to Taishoken’s Tsukemen which has rich dried bonito broth and thick noodle. Taishoken is Ramen restaurant group in Japan and famous for the father of Tsukemen style Ramen. I heard that they’re actually descended from the Taishoken group. If you know the taste of Taishoken, it’s worth to try comparing the taste!

(B-grade Japanese gourmet Loving Writer from Fukuoka Japan)