Kingyo Izakaya(居酒屋金魚)



Tasted by our writer
It’s actually “Tantan Men”, and it’s not “Ramen”. I couldn’t help but love the its name; “天下無双 (TENKA MUSOH) ”. It means “The Land’s Greatest/Unmatched Under Heaven”!! lol Sounds so cool.
The Tantan Men hasn’t lost the crown as the ‘most ordered dish’ during Kingyo’s dinner hours since it opened. Apparently, the Tantan Men has gone through several ‘rejuvenations’, meaning it’s been continuously improved upon.

The noodle is wavy , thick, quite filling, with a light crunchiness coming from the chives. It compliments the NikuMiso (Minced meat seasoned with soy bean paste) perfectly. The soup is Tonkotsu-based broth, so it’s creamy and mild, yet sharp due to a generous heap of spicy chili garlic oil. Just by inhaling the back sesame aroma will make you drool. If you love spicy and creamy, this is the one.

(Spicy Food Loving Writer from Fukuoka Japan)


Message from the restaurant’s manager
Please try our “天下無双” Tantan Men, the most popular dish at our restaurant since we opened. It’s even respected by other Ramen restaurants! You will become a big fan at the first bite!