Full Ramen (フルラーメン)


Tasted by our writer
The restaurant has opened in December 2013. This time, we had something quite rare in Vancouver called the “Kakuni Ramen” (kakuni = simmered pork). The soup was a pork base Tonkotsu Soup with great flavour, topped with soft simmered pork. All the ramen menus come with a flavored, boiled egg. The Chinese owners spoke very fluent Japanese, and had trained in a Japanese restaurant for more than 10 years. They are very familiar with the Japanese taste and delivered something extremely close to what stores offer in Japan. Apparently, Japanese families that live in Surrey, and even guests from White Rock come to eat at this place. We have been receiving numerous recommendations from our audiences as well.
(Life Vancouver staff / Ramen Lover from Kanagawa)

Comments from the Restaurant
Our ramen consists of our unique noodles and the deeply flavoured soup, soft and tender Cha-Shu, and the flavoured boiled egg, that delivers the most delicious harmony to our customers. Please come out to try it!